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Jusung Engineering operates a helpline to improve ethical management practices and improve irrational systems and practices.

The helpline is designed to thoroughly protect proposals and reports from customers, suppliers and employees, and provide confidentiality and anonymity.
The received information will be checked for facts and the identity and confidentiality will be guaranteed so that the proposal / reporter can receive various contents with confidence.

Suggestions / Reports

In case of fraudulent / illegal reporting, please make a statement based on facts in accordance with the principle below. Please be advised that suggestions / reports that are not related to the Helpline, such as personal privacy, unfounded slurs and negative texts, and cases where the contents of the report are unclear, may be deleted. Be sure to check the registration number and password to inquire the results of proposal/report processing.


  • Organizer : Audit Team
  • Tel : +82-31-760-7006
  • E-Mail : HelpLine@jusung.com
  • Address : 79, Sinjeong-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si,
               Gyeonggi-do, Korea